What Web Developers Should Know

Web developer is a software developer who specializes in web applications and websites. There are many types of web developers. Some are focused on web applications, websites and ecommerce. These are the main categories in which most web developers fall. However, a web developer must have a certain set of skills.


Every web developer should be able to understand the basic building blocks of every webpage. HTML is the foundation of every website. This is the foundation of any website. Developers who don’t know HTML will not be able to compete in this market. They must be familiar with all the HTML tags and attributes.


They require strong CSS control, so table layouts are not an option. CSS is the basis of your website’s design. A web developer should be capable of creating a complete design using purely CSS. This will ensure websites load quickly, search engines are happy, and webmasters’ lives are much easier.

W3C/ Cross Browser Compliant
The World Wide Web Consortium has established some guidelines for web developers. This will ensure that your HTML and CSS are error-free. Cross-browser compatibility is also important. All functionality, layout, and design must be compatible across all internet browsers.

Server Language

This will give you a better understanding of server-side coding languages such as PHP, ASP or Perl. Understanding SQL and MySQL should be a prerequisite. Database languages and server languages go hand in hand. One language cannot be learned without the other. This allows the developer to create dynamic content.


Web design is essential for web developers. You don’t need to be a web designer or have the technical skills, but you should know what the process is. You don’t have to know how to edit images in order to alter the file sizes or file types. These traits will help the developer understand what it takes for a great design.


Search engine optimization is essential. You must make your website search engine friendly if you want it to rank well in search engines. Without the right structure, it will be difficult to rank in search engines and will need redevelopment. Even if your client doesn’t plan on doing a search engine push at all, it will. This is a growing marketing area and you must stay on top of it all.

Building Blocks to Make Something Great

These are only a few of the skills a web developer needs to have. You can learn more about these skills if you’re a web developer. This will make you more attractive and a more respected professional in your field.



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