Leadership Math: One Sunburn plus four soccer games equals five leadership tips

Soccer Game #1

The GirlChild was part of the first game in the morning at a park where there were 5 other Mitom TV fields. You have seen these parks. Our backs almost touched the heads of other players and coaches as we sat there.

NOTE ON EAVESDROPPING Otherwise, it is just polite curiosity.

The coach in front of us called his girls together during halftime. He exclaimed, “GREAT FIRST HOUR,” “We just need a few minor adjustments.”

The remainder of the halftime was then used to outline major changes.

I turned to see how these girls, mostly 8th graders, were doing this.

They were happy and smiling, nodding their heads. They smiled and nodded happily.

Leadership Tipp #1

Great leaders realize that how you speak something is far more important than the words you use. It doesn’t mean content is irrelevant. However, we all know the importance of having the right content. If the delivery hinders the message, even great content is not effective.

Soccer Game #2

I drove halfway across planet to take the BoyChild on the JVB team bus, and then I drove back to the city we just visited after the girls’ game. It was not a good day for environmentalists.

While my right shoulder was baking and sizzling in the stands I listened to parents discuss the terrible job our referees were doing.

Soccer Game #3

Due to injuries on the JVA team, our goalie was transferred up to join the varsity team. So, later that day, back at the home stadium, the BoyChild got moved up to play for the JVA team.

I ended up in a section where the parents cheered on the players wearing the wrong jerseys. As the sun rose on my left side, they complained about our referees.

Tip #2

Each person views the world from their point of view. Great leaders understand how to see things through as many different perspectives as possible.

Leadership Tipp #3

A strong team is essential for leaders. You never know when someone may get hurt, change their career, or decide to move from Oklahoma.

Soccer Game #4

The varsity was the fourth and final game of the day. The goalie who was up for the game was amazing. Here’s a kicker. He’s a freshman who was no problem at the varsity.

Leadership Tipp #4

Great leaders recognize that in order for their teams to be successful, they must look beyond resumes and assess the skills, abilities and potential of each individual.

I am sure that the varsity game went well. However, after a full day of soccer and sun I couldn’t disagree with the GirlChild when she suggested we leave at halftime.

Leadership Tips #5

Great leaders recognize that teams must rest and recover from time-to-time. It is essential to recognize when people have reached the point where they are truly effective in today’s environment, which is a world where there are fewer people doing the work. (Did you ever repeat the same sentence three more times and not understand what it meant?


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