Horse Racing Betting – The Secrets of a Horse Betting Professional

Most people view making a regular income from betting on horse racing as impossible or something they have to be successful at. My belief is that anyone can make consistent profits from betting on horse racing by increasing their bank and increasing their stake levels according to their betting bank. People face the biggest obstacle to making money is not setting up properly.

To give you a solid foundation from which to build, I recommend that the basics of betting are learned. This includes:

Setting up your betting bank

First, you need to create a “betting bank” that you can use to place your bets. It is important to make sure your bank is separate from your daily money. Your “working capital” is your betting bank. If you lose it, you’re out of business. In a future article, I’ll go into more detail.

Set Your Staking Levels

The difference between a gambler or punter is how he manages his money. Pros will know how much they are willing to stake on every bet they place. His betting bank size will determine his stake levels. This is usually expressed as a percentage. As he wins, his stakes increase. However, if he loses, he will reduce his stakes to protect the bank. This article will only focus on setting your stake levels.

You need to think like a betting pro in order to make money on horse racing.

Next, think like a Betting Pro to achieve success. He will view his betting as a business and not just as an opportunity to make “fun bets”. Clear betting decisions must be made every day. To persevere through losing runs, you must have patience and perseverance. This approach is as important as your selections and money management.

Many new bettors, who could make a lot of money in a season, quit after losing a few bets. This is because they don’t have the right mindset. To help you with this aspect of your betting, I wrote another article.

Find the right information to help you make your choices

Information is the final piece of this puzzle. It will save you time, but it will also guarantee your success and profitability, month after month.

Since I was a serious gambler over ten years ago, it was my goal to attend as many races as I could and to meet as many people as possible. This network of contacts has grown over the years to include contacts at all the UK stables and some close Irish contacts.

Every day, I get phone calls and emails from contacts letting me know how horses are doing on the gallops or at the jumps. Anyone who wants to make money in horse racing in the UK should build a network of contacts. This will allow you to make the most of your potential selections, and also help you get the best odds.

Is it possible?

Yes, it is. I tell all my mentors that horse racing does not offer a quick way to make money. This is a traditional method of building your betting bank and increasing your stakes. It also helps you build your income month after month. To help you along your journey, I will write articles on each area.

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