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Job Application – Why yours was rejected

Most job seekers only learn the reason their job application was rejected once it has been received.

This tells them that they could have done this themselves if they had more forethought. I can help you avoid making these mistakes and offer some insider tips on how to maximize your job application success.

Job Application: It’s a personnel matter

All job applicants do not begin with the job seeker. They start with the employer. Two forces combine to approve a job within an organization.

Businesses need
The manager of the team where the job will be done

This insight is important because it tells you that the manager makes the final decision about who is hired. The successful applicant will be considered most capable of delivering the business requirements.

These two forces result in the creation of a job listing, which is then used to create the job advertisement. Once the job has been approved, job applications can be made. Many job applicants make the mistake of not acknowledging the role of the human beings in the personal exchange. This includes the manager and the successful jobholder.

You and Your Job Search

The job search begins long before you begin reading newspapers, searching job boards, or talking to friends. You are the first person to start your job search.

What and who are you?
What can you thus offer?
What do you see yourself doing in the long-term?

You don’t need to know what you want, any job will do. Multiple job rejections will ensue.

Job Market Testing

Even if you know what you want, the job market might not need those skills in the search area or at the level that makes economic sense. It is important to verify that the job market offers the right job at the correct pay level. This is where the true advantage of the job board-driven job search.

Open your favorite job board and keep the title/skills consistent. Set the pay level at zero. Next, open the geographic search criteria to ensure that at least 20 jobs are found. If you don’t find 20 jobs that are suitable, your ideal job is not currently available on the market. Either go back to stage1, or wait three months, and find another interim job that will lead you to your long-term dream job. Or accept constant job applications upset.

There are too many jobs available at this point. Go to your favorite job board and, if more than 100 jobs match your criteria, then go back to the site and define your next and long-term goals for an employer. If you fall into the “any job will do” syndrome, you will not be able to focus in the employer’s eyes on the things you can do well/offer and will therefore be rejected.

Professional Resume

It is disappointing to say, but if you are a professional CV writer and you approach your job search in a certain way, you don’t really need a Professional CV. A CV is required for 95% of job application. A one-size-fits all CV won’t get your required interview in the modern world. Employers will only accept a well-written CV as a form of output if it is presented to them.

You may have heard that a friend, or someone you know in a pub, used a template to help them get hired. But don’t be like the rest. Templates can make you stand out. Good Professional CV Writers create engaging 2page documents that make employers pick up the telephone, because they communicate that the job applicant has the desired skills to fit the job description, and show social fit with the organisation/manager. No matter how beautiful your template is, or how long your list of hobbies, interests and hobbies, it will not be accepted.

Apply for a Job

Job seekers don’t understand the one thing they can’t win, but employment professionals do. That is why you have to be able to beat the odds in how and where you apply for jobs.

Your chances of getting promoted as an employee are 95%. Your chances of getting hired are about 50% if you’re a well-known person who has a direct relationship with a recruitment agency. A public job advertisement, whether it is on a company website, or in a newspaper, has a 12% chance of you getting hired. A “follow the process” application through a job posted on a jobs board might be as low at 2%.

Why do job seekers believe they can be successful if they spend more than 10% of their time on job boards? The way you apply and the places you find them are determining how much rejection you get.


Car finance puts you in the top gear when buying a car

Speed car on open roads. This is the perfect car picture. You have to get to work, and drop your children off at school. For most people, this is the reality. When we don’t have time, it is important to save our time. The average person has many different jobs that require their attention. A car can help them accomplish these tasks. If financing your car is not your preferred method of purchasing a car, then you will likely stick with traditional methods of car buying. You should let go of your fears about car financing. It will consider your financial situation before granting you a loan.

Car financing is a new way to provide investment for the purchase of a car. How do you finance a vehicle? This question may leave you confused. In relation to purchasing a car, the term “financing” refers to either lending money to purchase the car or leasing the car to you. You’re probably focusing on the latter meaning. People are open to talking with a dealership about car financing. It seems like a practical option. It’s simple: you choose a car, fill in a credit application and then drive away with your car. All this takes less than a day. Dealerships can provide car financing even on weekends or at night when credit unions and banks are closed.

It seems so simple, doesn’t it? There is a catch. You will pay more to the dealer for car finance. Car buyers often pay 3% more for their car finance. Many car finance complaints are related to dealers. The 0% APR is attractive and encourages buyers to take out car finance, even if they are not financially able. Very few people can get 0% APR. Car finance deals often fall halfway, making the experience of car financing extremely difficult. It is likely that you are purchasing a car for the first-time and want it to be a joy. Before you make that important first step in your car-buying journey, there are a few things to remember.

Before you apply for a loan or car purchase, make sure to check your credit score. Many people don’t realize they have a credit rating. Online credit scores can be checked quickly. If you have poor credit, you might be charged a higher interest rate on your car finance. Applying for car finance is not a wise idea if your credit score falls below 550. First repair you credit score. Rebuilding your credit score takes little effort and can help you repay your debts. Even if you have a low credit score, online car finance companies can help you get a car finance loan. In minutes, your car finance loan application can be approved. Online car financing companies have revolutionized the car financing process. Online car finance companies offer a strong competition to car dealers by offering the lowest rates and no down payments. The standard for car finance has been set by car finance companies.

70% of cars can be purchased through financing. Even used cars can be financed. It is just as easy and straightforward as financing a brand new car. Researching about the car you want is key to finding the right car financing. This age-old logic states that knowledge is power. You must be aware of it. There is so much information available, why not take advantage of it? Compare rates with local dealers to find out the cost of your vehicle. It is important to know how much you can afford. To determine how much you can afford monthly, calculate your monthly income and subtract your monthly expenses. You will have difficulty repaying your car financing loan if you don’t do it carefully. You don’t want any delays in your repayment plan. There is a lot at stake. Credit unions and loan institutions can offer free online advice on car financing.


How does fashion influence the lives of students?

Fashion is a big part of our lives. It adds variety to our lives and gives us the opportunity to be creative.

Fashion is a way to express your unique style, especially in clothing, footwear and accessories. It is the art of doing something, being different and dealing well with others. It encompasses a broad range of categories like behavior, speech and actions as well as lifestyle. Fashion and clothing are a topic of much intellectual debate. It is possible to define fashion and clothing as the many elements that make up our society. Fashion can be described as a style or norm of dress, socializing habits, and manners, while clothing is defined collectively as garments. Fashion and clothing would disappear from our lives and there would be no place for individuality. The distinctions between social classes would also be lost, something that was clearly defined in 18th century and is still evident today. Also, the dynamics of social life and relationships would be affected by the extinction of fashion and clothing.

Mod is shorthand for’modern’ and refers to a young lifestyle that emerged in London in the 1960s. It quickly spread around the globe. Fashion is both desirable and satisfying. Fashion is a strong influence on our youth. It’s not unusual for young people to be attracted to fashion and begin following trends immediately. Fashion has a constant impact on society. Fashion can change our attitudes and views towards social culture. Fashion is a way to create new lifestyles and raise awareness in order to restore old customs. Students can make a statement by wearing fashion and presenting it to their friends. Malcolm Barnard states in Fashion as Communication that “Fashion has always been understood as forms of communication.” (39). Students use fashion to express their beliefs and feelings. Fashion is a means of social contact that allows for scrutiny by all kinds of people. Fashion allows them to communicate with the world their true personality through fashion.

Because of its jazzy and wild expression, the 1920s are known as the Age of Flaming Youth. This period saw the freedom and energy of youth reborn in new ways. No style was too absurd to be a top fashion trend. The world is becoming more global. Celebrities are an integral part of the youth’s lives. To keep up-to-date, students look up to their favourite icons. They can be easily attracted to a wide range of trendy concepts while watching TV or surfing the internet. Students also idolize celebrities and want to emulate their looks. To enhance their personalities, they try to understand all of the fashion trends in their community. They talk about how they can adapt new things when they socialize. In their daily lives, they use a non-natural style of expression, speech, and mannerism that is somewhat artificial.

My point of view is that there are two types: There are two types of fashion: positive and negative.

Students are often negatively affected by the fashion industry. Students are conditioned to think only about the latest fashion, which leads them to spend a lot of money. They are unable to see the other essential needs of their lives. They are constantly distracted from their studies. Students are quick to follow any fashion or style that is popular, regardless of how annoying it may be. They are also caught up in the fashion chaos caused by society’s impact. In order to follow a particular fashion one must take certain actions. Some students push the limits to be in line with their peers. They become hopeless, rather than being creative and suffer from depression because they are in fashion. It is possible to think that Fashion money could also be used for charity or helping the poor.

Fashion sets a high standard for students. Students want to look and feel glamorous, just like celebrities. They spend a lot of money and time to make a good impression. They often fail to make a strong statement, which can lead to low self-esteem. This can lead to a conflict of ideas between their friends and cause jealousy and a deterioration in their friendships. Students begin to judge people based on how they look. Those who can’t spend enough time on their outer appearance eventually feel persecuted, which in turn affects their confidence.

Students who are more focused on fashion tend to be less conscious of their studies. They believe that if they follow certain fashion trends they will be distinguished from their peers, so they begin to give less importance to academic careers.

Being fashionable has its positives. Teenagers who feel confident and valued because of their appearance have a higher sense of self-worth. They also feel more confident and accepted in social situations. Students who follow a particular trend can recognize themselves and meet people with similar interests and style preferences. Trendy clothes can indicate a person’s status. Fashionable clothes are a sign that a person is more advanced. Malcolm Barnard, in Fashion as Communication, states that clothing and fashion have been described as communication forms for centuries.


Get an Amusement Like Never Before With Entertainment Vector Art as well as Photos

Most of us are entirely engaged within the day-to-day tasks of ours. Whether we are at home or the office of ours, we do a lot of types of job like easy or challenging, slow or instant, interesting or monotonous, etc. Determined by its characteristics, labor will give us both exhaustion or enjoyment or both equally after conclusion.

Necessity of entertainment

In the era of immense competitors, lots of people are being workaholic. As we know, right after impact of work is tiredness or boredom. Subsequent to completion of do the job, we believe ourselves flooded away. And so, during the tail end of a frantic schedule, or perhaps even in between, we want some entertainment for being fresh new once more.

Sources of entertainment

Today, we have a lot of sources of entertainment, because of an improvements of technology. Even though we have lots of way of entertainment, it’s in addition a tested fact that all sources of energy are not very much capable improve your mood and also allow you to be lively once again. You cannot make use of some of them during the office of yours too. As a result, we can claim that still in case we’ve many tools for entertainment, only only a few can easily serve the intent of ours.

Job of vector arts and photos

We thoroughly use pcs in the daily tasks of ours. Being it a laptop computer or perhaps an on the move, we work with the net wherever you look. These days, internet comes with a beach of vector arts (Drawings that are created by utilizing points as well as curves) and life like pictures.

Vector arts are for sale in various categories like- info graphics, arrow, banner, background, pattern, etc. Several of the sites offer you entertainment vector arts too. They are a really excellent supply of entertainment as they are able to bringing a smile on the face area of yours. Second, you are able to modify the design of theirs, color and size as per your mood and fascination. They’re able to easily and quickly improve the feelings of yours right away.

Images are furthermore a wonderful supply of entertainment. They are available in categories like landscape designs, people, places, nature, and more. Their life like result boosts your mood and also makes you fresh new again. You are able to choose various entertainment images from entertainment photo galleries too and also make them wallpapers or maybe computer themes or templates.

As per your curiosity and mood, you are able to use whichever or maybe both of them for acquiring a simple but very effective flow of entertainment on the desktop of yours.

The logical fact

It is scientifically established that vector arts & photographs contain the beneficial impact, plus they have an assisting hands inside the healing of mood swing. Thus, we are able to determine that these vector arts and photographs won’t only buy us entertainment, to some extent, they provide us beneficial power too.


Organizational Excellence through Technology

Technology and HR-Leverage in one: “Technology is an enabler of business. The integration of both would not only allow for harmonious co-existence, but also enable one to leverage the other. Technology for HR would enable digitization of mundane HR functions and automation of back office and transactional activities in relation to recruitment, performance management and career planning. The use of technology to leverage HR means utilizing technology to manage change through communication, training, recruiting, retraining and stakeholder analysis. They can also play complementary roles.

Both technology and HR share one thing in common: they both enable business.

Technology has been synonymous with information technology in recent years. In fact, hardly any technological advancement of the past has had an impact on all business sectors as much as information technology. It doesn’t matter what type of business you run, whether it is services, goods, commodities, branded, trading, manufacturing or any other, the current or traditional deployment of IT technology in one or the another form is certain. All business organizations will need knowledge workers to manage and deploy technology effectively. The HR function is responsible for managing these knowledge workers. It is therefore essential to integrate technology and human resources.

We must now understand the relationship between technology and HR. Integration does not just refer to harmonious co-existence, but also means one complementing the other. Technology is used to improve HR effectiveness and helps HR function in managing and adopting technological change.

Technology for Human Resources

As a function, HR management is responsible for delivering deliverables such as business strategy execution, administrative efficiency and employee contribution. These are all achieved through the work of HR professionals, which includes staffing, compensation, benefits and communication organization design. Technology is used in the majority of these areas.


All companies that are worth their salt leverage IT in the area of recruitment. Two types of e-recruitment are currently in fashion. The first is recruiting through the company’s site, while the second is hosting your request on other sites, e.g. etc. Larger companies have a stronger brand for potential employees and the first model is more popular. Others prefer to visit the job sites. Some companies are adopting both.

E-recruitment is a great way to get started. These sites are now global. Sites such as or have created a global network that includes separate sites offering jobs in Australia, Canada, Denmark, Belgium and other countries. Employers can target specific countries and job seekers can search for jobs by country or region. 3 Com posted a profile of its Ireland office on the site recently. It highlights the contributions of 3 com’s Irish design team to its global projects.

E-recruitment was plagued in its early days by employers flooding them with low-quality bio data. Technology has again been a great help. Pre-employment testing, such as the one offered by Capital One, an American financial company, helps in filtering applicants. These tools allow applicants to be tested online, such as for call center applicants. The tools allow for instant translation between different languages of assessment tests. This tool was developed by Profile International, a Texas-based provider of employment assessments. Other developments such as video-conference specialized sites and online executives recruitments are leading to more companies using e-recruitment as at least a secondary method of recruitment. Arena Knights Bridge, an American IT company, conducts video-based interviews with its potential employees. Only the shortlisted employees are met in person. Cisco also wanted to do the same.


Sinus Infections and Dairy Products – Is there a Connection?

Chicago winters are legendary. On top of the freezing temperatures, you also get freezing wind gusts and sometimes a slap by a snowstorm. My sinus infections were a result of living in Windy City, and possibly a bit of luck or a strange genetic tendency to develop sinus infections after minor colds.

I was often prescribed different antibiotics by doctors. This caused me to feel sicker and weaker, and my stomach would become more upset. I felt depressed and thought that I had reached the end of my life.

My uncle is a Swiss scientist and researcher. He told me that my condition must be related to dairy products. This was over a decade ago, so the thought that dairy products could cause sinus infections was unbelievable to me. Our great-grandparents and grandparents drank milk, and they weren’t fine…

This idea appealed to me so I tried it. I felt amazing after five days without dairy products. Although my congestion was less severe, it wasn’t completely gone. It took me another week to notice all the symptoms of sinus infection and chronic congestion disappear. There was not a single pill taken!

Does this mean that dairy products are not good for you? The answer is, it depends.

Casein, which is found in all milk-based products, is the culprit for sinus infections and chronic congestion. It promotes Candida Albicans growth, which is a type of flora which tells your body to make nasal mucus.

Research shows that cheeses contain the highest levels of casein. Goat milk is less allergenic than cow’s milk and has a lower digestibility. Goat milk may contain casein, but it is not always recommended.

It is difficult to eliminate all dairy products completely from your diet. This is especially true if they are hidden in soups, pastry, and ice cream, which we cannot imagine our lives without.

If your sinus infection is caused by dairy products, you can reduce the intake of dairy products, particularly cheese.

It is important to experiment with different products and see which ones have the worst effect on your condition. Try going without dairy products for a week to see if your sinus infection disappears. Try adding milk to your sinus infection if it persists.

If severe congestion recurs, you will need to decide whether to live with it or cut out dairy completely. You can try adding some cheese gradually to see how it feels. Cheese is usually the main culprit in sinus infections or severe congestion.

What about our ancestors? They ate a lot of dairy, and they were OK. We don’t know for certain if they were okay, or if they simply assumed that many illnesses were part of daily life.

However, dairy may not have caused any allergies in our great-grandparents who weren’t exposed to as many chemicals and pollutants today. We are now surrounded by chemicals and pollutants, which can lead to illness.

We are the only mammal that continues to drink milk even after being weaned.


History of Educational Technology

It is not possible to determine who coined the term educational technology. Different educators, scientists, and philosophers have formulated different definitions for Educational Technology. Educational technology can be described as a complex and integrated process that involves people, procedures, ideas, devices and organizations. Technology from various fields of science is used to implement, evaluate, and manage solutions to all aspects of learning.

The five stages of educational technology have been broadly defined.

The use of aids such as charts, diagrams, symbols, models and specimens is the first stage in educational technology. Educational technology is a synonym for audio-visual aids.

The second stage in educational technology is the “electronic revolution”, which saw the creation and establishment of advanced hardware and software. The educational scene has been transformed by the introduction of audio-visual aids such as tape-recorder and radio, tape-recorder, magic lanterns, television, radio, and projector. These sophisticated tools and equipments were used to effectively present instructional materials. This is the educational technology concept.

The development of mass media, which led to the ‘communication revolution’ in educational technology, is the third stage of education technology. Computer-assisted instruction (CAI), which has been used in education since the 1950s, also gained popularity during this time.

The fourth stage in educational technology can be identified by the individualized process of instruction. Programmable learning and programed instruction gave rise to a new dimension in educational technology. The self-learning system was based on self-instructional material and teaching machines.

The concept of system engineering, or system approach, is the latest in educational technology. It focuses on language labs, teaching machines, program instruction, multimedia technologies, and the use of computers in instruction. Educational technology, according to this definition, is a method of planning, carrying out, and evaluating the entire process of teaching and learning based on specific objectives.

Education technology in the Stone Age, Bronze Age, and Iron Age
Despite the uncertainty surrounding the origin of the term educational technology can be traced back at the time of the three age system periodization human prehistory, which consists of the Stone Age and the Bronze Ages, as well as the Iron Age.

The Stone Age was a time when simple technological innovations were of paramount importance. These included the ability to light fire with rubbing stones, making various utensils and weapons from stones, and clothing practice. A small number of Stone Age people were able to build ocean-worthy outrigger boats to move across the Ocean. This was how they began to learn about the ocean currents, weather conditions and sailing practices, as well as star maps. Polished stone tools were used for agricultural purposes during the Neolithic period. They were made largely from hard rocks by digging underground tunnels. This can be considered the beginning of mining technology. Even after the appearance of iron and bronze, polished axes proved so useful that people still used them for clearing forests and setting up crop farms.

Stone Age cultures did not leave any written records, but archaeological evidences showed that they moved from nomadic to agricultural life. Prehistoric tools found in museums and cave paintings such as Altamira Cave, Spain, and other art from prehistory, including the Venus of Willendorf, Mother Goddess, Laussel, France, etc. These are just a few of the evidences that support their cultures.

The Neolithic Revolution of Stone Age led to the appearance of Bronze Age, which saw the development of agriculture, animal husbandry, and permanent settlements. Bronze Age people developed metal smelting to further their practices. Copper and bronze were later made from an alloy of copper and tin.

Iron utensils, which were more durable than their bronze counterparts, were replaced by Iron Age people who learned how to smelt iron. The Iron Age, in many Eurasian cultures was the final period before written scripts were developed.

Education technology during the period Ancient civilizations
Paul Saettler (2004) says that educational technology dates back to when ancient cultures created pictographs and sign writing to transmit and record information. There are many instructional techniques or sets of procedures that were developed to help a culture. These methods can be found at every stage of human civilisation. They have been supported by numerous investigations and evidences. The technology of instruction that reflects specific social and individual behaviours to create an educated society became more complex as the culture advanced. Each significant shift in educational goals and objectives over the centuries has led to diverse technologies for instruction.

The rise of ancient civilizations was the catalyst for the greatest technological and engineering advances. These innovations influenced and educated other societies around the globe to adopt new ways and practices of governance and living.

Indus Valley Civilization, an early Bronze Age civilization, was found in the Indian Subcontinent’s northwestern region. The Indus River basin of Indus and the Punjab region was where the civilization flourished. It extended up to the Ghaggar–Hakra River Valley and the Ganges–Yamuna Doab. (Most of this part is now under Pakistan and western India, but there’s a small part that extends up to southeastern Afghanistan and the easternmost parts of Balochistan, Iran).

The language the Harappan people spoke is still a matter of debate. Their writing is thought to have been either a pictographic or cursive script. There were about 400 signs in the script, but there were many variations. The direction is generally written from left to right in scripts. The majority of the writing was found on sealings and seals that were likely used in trade and administrative work.


Ten Reasons to Purchase Original Art

Why would someone want to buy original art? You could save money by buying a poster or a dew-dad that is mass-produced to hang up in your living room. Many people do this and they are very happy. Here are ten great reasons to buy original artwork if you are looking to get out of your comfort zone and buy or consider buying it.

Original art can be bought to inspire yourself. You should have art that inspires and affects you in a meaningful manner in your home. There are few things that can make you feel as inspired and as beautiful as a piece of art. It is important to appreciate and see art that inspires you and makes you feel connected. You can share the passion, creativity, and inspiration of the artist by having this connection. Art can move you and enrich your life.
You can buy original art to beautify or enhance your home or office. A piece of art can transform the entire feeling of a space, home or building. Start your search at your local gallery or online if you feel that there is a space in your home or life that could use some new energy, style, or bold statements.
Original art can be bought by people simply because it is unique. One-of-a-kind creations are certainly unique. You could also say that the owner is unique in owning them. It is not just unique in its appearance, but also for the impact it has on those who see and experience it. It could also be unique to you. It’s just not possible to make a cheap poster that looks like one million others.
It’s a great reason for originals to be unique. Perhaps a collector wants others to admire their work. It’s a show of success. Why not? It’s something that people do every day with items far less important than art. Owning art can be a status symbol. You can leave a legacy by leaving behind the original art that you own.
To make a connection to the artist, buy an original piece. An original painting can be viewed on the wall of an artist you respect and admire. The light is tangible to you. You can see the brush strokes. You can see the artist’s passion for their work. Perhaps you are familiar with this artist. Because of the painting, this artist is with you. Your patronage will help this artist. This real artist is able to create more amazing art and get better at it every day thanks to your support.
It is not unusual to buy original art for investment or financial reasons. The art is not just your investment, but also the artist. Although there’s no way to know for sure, art that isn’t necessarily high-quality tends to appreciate in value over time. This is a good thing because many items we use every day do the opposite. Have you ever thought about selling your stuff at a garage sales? The clothing that you purchased a few years ago and was in fashion now is probably not worth much.
Original art can also be bought for intellectual purposes. It is said that art of exceptional quality or excellence can help us to see who we are and what we have done. It reminds us of where we are in the world and our humanity. You may be drawn to a particular style or school of artwork, their views on life, and they might speak directly to your heart. Historical significance may be attached to the art or artists. While this art might not be of interest to others, it may speak to you.
Start your own collection of original art by buying original art. There are many things people collect, don’t you think? You can collect baseball cards, stuffed animals and die-cast cars. It doesn’t matter why people collect. A home belonging to a serious collector of art is something you should see.
Original art is not required if you love it. It is what you want. It makes you feel good. You might even smile at it. It may make you feel like it was made just for your pleasure. It is something you look at every day. You feel a strong connection with it. Is there anything wrong with this?
You can always find original art that matches your carpet or goes well with your curtains if none of these reasons apply.

Original art doesn’t have to be expensive. Although there are many reasons to buy original art, one is sufficient. I buy art because I love it, it inspires me, it’s personal, and it has those unique qualities that I desire.