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These are 3 little-known secrets to help you build your MLM business using social media marketing

Do you remember those days in MLM when you had to get people into your house so that they could meet at home? The living room with the Guru telling everyone that they will be Rich, complete with whiteboard in front and chairs set up.

Ah, those glory days …. It was a disaster to start a mlm company.

How do we communicate now? We connect to the billions of people who are all on social media. Although you may think that Facebook doesn’t have as many users, when you add all of the igpanel media sites together, it is over a billion. This is one Big Ole Opportunity meeting for you and me, right? We can build a massive mlm downline together with all these people, right?

Let me tell you three little-known secrets that will help you see that Social Media Marketing is the right tool for you.

Social Media Marketing Secret #1. A Huge Audience

In the old days, you could fit about 10 people in a living room. Social media sites offer the potential to reach a market of hundreds of million. Our target market will be network marketers because we are network marketing. Why? They are all trying to figure out how they can build their business. As the new leader, you can help them succeed online.

Simply do a search to find your target market. Search for the search box in the social media site. Next, search for network marketing companies. Once you have a list, create a follow list and start to friend people. Make a group of people interested in network marketing. You don’t want your high school friends to be on your profile. They don’t care about what you have to say and will only hinder your efforts.

smm panel cheapest Media Marketing Secret #2. Low-cost Marketing

Low cost is not a synonym for free. Yes, you can market on social networks for free. You only have to give up your time. You don’t have to spend money on advertising when you can reach the audience you desire.

It’s free but that doesn’t mean you can spam every opportunity link. This isn’t marketing. That’s pushy salesman trying to get in your door. Marketing is about creating value for others. Social Media Marketing is all about helping others, especially those who are just starting out on the Internet. Let them know what you want, and then send your opportunity in an email auto-responder.

Social Media Marketing Secret #3. It is very easy to understand what the market wants.

Social media marketing is about solving problems for others and finding solutions. Social media sites are amazing because you can quickly see what the market wants. If you wait long enough, other people will post their problems. Every day, your target market tells you this. “Here are my problems, and I need to fix them.” An example would be someone trying to set up a blog but can’t figure it out. It’s your turn to show them how it works. You have a prospect if you can get there before any other marketer. Now you are well on your way to greatness.



Best interior designers in mumbai for the Home

With the right interior design techniques, any home can look beautiful. While some people are very skilled at interior design, there are also people who have a natural talent for designing beautiful spaces.

Anyone who is creative can design best interior designers in mumbai on their own, even without any formal training. People who are creative and have a good eye for design can decorate their own homes. It is a good idea to keep up to date with the latest design techniques by reading books and articles.

Interior designers can create an atmosphere by simply combining pieces of furniture and unifying them under a single theme. Interior designers may favor certain styles, such as country or modern. Others prefer simple designs that don’t include clutter.

The client’s needs will dictate how interior design should be done. A good interior designer can transform a small space into a spacious one or make it more organized. You can use interior design in any setting, from offices to homes.

The personality of the person who occupies a room’s interiors should be reflected in its design. Designers work closely with clients to get an idea of their clients’ design preferences. Many people believe that interior design is too expensive. Designers are creative and can also budget well. Designers will often design a design to fit their client’s budget. You can spend a small amount on the interior design of your home or office, and still have a functional and beautiful room.

Formally trained interior designers usually have basic knowledge in architecture, engineering, and accounting. These courses are necessary to ensure that their designs are aesthetic, cost-effective, and structurally sound. It is common to use the terms interior design and interior decorating interchangeably. The two terms are used interchangeably, but they refer to different aspects of creating a room or an aesthetic space. Interior design involves analyzing the personality and behavior of the person who will be using the space.

Interior decorating is the art of mixing and matching different design techniques such as window treatments, wallpaper, wall finishes, and even furnishing a room. Interior design and decorating offer many opportunities. An interior designer can go into designing household, corporate or commercial establishments. Some specialize in designing health facilities and tourism establishments.

Interior designers are now able to combine the best engineering and aesthetic design with sustainable design. Designers are more aware of the environmental impact of their designs and tend to use eco-friendly materials.

An interior designer can transform a space into something both beautiful and useful. An interior designer can help you make your home more livable and functional.


English grammarly: Understanding and using it

Many people find English grammar frustrating. Many people are baffled by grammar and spelling, regardless of their education level, nationality, or age. Correct can be grammarly difficult for someone with a learning disability such as dyslexia. Correct grammar can be challenging for people who speak English as their first language. However, it can be easier for people who speak another language to understand English and its complexities. A dictionary may be useful, but it won’t answer grammar questions. Word processing programs may not be able to correct blatantly incorrect grammar mistakes.

How can one improve their English grammar? This area is not easy to improve. There are many things that can help. It might be helpful to surround yourself with people who use correct grammar, especially when reading and talking about material that follows a good structure in the English language. Because everyone learns their native language through listening, even in infanthood, it makes sense that they will eventually learn how to write and speak correctly if they listen to good grammar.

A grammar book with explanations and examples of English grammar may be helpful. Although it is not necessary to fully grasp every concept and detail, good examples and practice exercises can help you form grammatically correct sentences. It can be tedious to learn rules and do exercises, so patience is necessary to keep learning. But, consistent practice can help you overcome most grammar errors.

A tutor is a great way to understand and learn English grammar. To make progress one must be able to recognize when he makes mistakes. A tutor can help a student work through sentences and phrases for a week, and then have them checked by a tutor. A tutor can also help because they can make the student accountable to ensure she continues to improve her grammar skills. Grammar can be difficult to learn and seems boring to many. However, a tutor can make learning less stressful and more fun.

While dyslexia and other learning disabilities can be difficult to overcome there is no doubt that those with these difficulties have the potential to succeed. Software is available that can assist those with language difficulties in improving their writing skills. Many programs can even generate personalized reports so that each user can see the common spelling mistakes. These reports can be used by professionals and students to identify common spelling errors in dyslexia writing.

This is why English grammar can be so difficult for some people. This could be due to many factors. Dyslexia and learning disabilities can be caused by genetics. However, it is more common for those who did not learn or understand grammar rules in school. It could be because of a lack of quality teachers, parental support, or simply laziness. Many teachers won’t stress the importance of grammar to students who struggle with it, and they push them on to the next grade.

English grammar can also be difficult for those with a different language. English grammar will be simpler if your mother tongue is similar to English in certain ways. It will be harder to understand and learn English grammar if your native language has no connection with English. Each language has its own unique idiosyncrasies that require patience and time to master.

There are many factors that can make learning and understanding English grammar easier or harder. As a person gets older, their memory might not be as sharp. Some people seem to be more adept at language and learn faster than others. It is important to have consistent learning and practice, and to feel confident as you learn.


Six Things You Need to Look For in a Wedding best makeup artist in bangalore

There are many things you need to think about as your wedding day approaches. You don’t want to worry about how to make your wedding day makeup look. Your wedding day is the most important day of your life. You want your face to be flawless all day. Your wedding album will forever include your face. It is important to choose the right makeup for your wedding. Do you want to do your makeup on this glorious day? Don’t. Get someone else to do it.

1. Don’t do it yourself

You can forget about getting wedding best makeup artist in bangalore tips if you arrived here expecting them. It is going to be too difficult to make your bride-to-be look beautiful on the day.

It’s better to find a professional who can make you look beautiful. A makeup artist can also do your bridal party. This means that you will be more likely match. Imagine how beautiful it will be to see you all in matching makeup. They in matching gowns, and you in your stunning wedding gown. When you’re posing for the photographers, don’t worry about your make-up. You’ll feel more relaxed and radiant if you let a professional do your wedding makeup.

2. Find Makeup Artists

Do not just pick the first name that is suggested to you. Even if you only have one chance to meet someone, it is important to be selective. Although there are many wedding day makeup artists out there looking for work, not all are skilled or experienced. Make sure you find a professional who is qualified to do the job. This will ensure that you don’t have to experience any horror stories about your wedding makeup.

3. Ask for a Portfolio

Ask to see samples of work before you hire a makeup artist. You may need to cover up tattoos. Make sure they are able. Make sure you are clear about your requirements and check out the portfolio of previous work. You can be sure to find the best wedding makeup artist in your local area by being vigilant and taking extra steps.

4. Seek out Special Deals

We spoke earlier about having the makeup of your bridal party done simultaneously. Ask about special discounts, bulk deals, and party deals. Anything that can save you money. You don’t need to spend a lot of money on wedding day makeup. If you do your research or hire someone to do the work for you, you can find a great artist that does amazing work.

5. Ask other brides

Are there any relatives or friends who have recently been married? How about your co-workers? Ask them who they used. To see if they did a good job and to get recommendations from friends, you might ask for their wedding album.

6. Read Online Reviews

You can find out a lot from online reviews about the makeup artists in your local area. If a woman experiences a negative experience on her wedding day she will likely share it with everyone. You have the opportunity to go online and see what other brides think about your local make-up artist.

These six tips will ensure that you have a flawless wedding with the perfect look.


Three Reasons Why You Need a suncity Betting System To Make Money with Your Sport Picks

Sports betting is a popular way to enjoy suncity and make money. Many people believe that to enjoy the hobby you must be a professional or a skilled sports analyst. However, this is completely false. Many people who gamble on sports can make a great return on their investments. Certain sports betting systems will make it easier and let you enjoy the experience even more. These systems allow you to make money, and can be used as an additional source of income.

Although some people have lost money on sports, others are able to consistently make a profit. What is their secret? They will almost always follow a sports betting strategy. Here are three reasons to use a betting system for sports wagers.

The Best Picks.

It’s all about choosing the right teams when betting on sports. It is important to make the right choices and many people don’t know where they should start. Some people don’t have the time or ability to learn statistics and odds. You can only be a successful sports bettor if you are able to correctly pick the players and teams. These are the things that sports betting systems can do and will give you the best chance of picking the best teams. It is about making the best predictions and using stats to help you make your decision. There are many factors that could affect the outcome. To try to come up with your own system takes a lot more work and time.

Return on Investment

Betting on sports does not require you to be a fan of the sport. As long as you have enough money and a good understanding of the teams that are best, you can make the right wagers and get a good return on your initial investment. It can be fun to watch sports, but placing a wager on a team will increase the thrill of the game. Most people don’t realize that betting on sports can make a lot of money and that it is a smart idea to invest in the sport. Sports betting is an investment that people treat as another component of their portfolio. It is possible to make a steady gain of 2% per day with a solid betting system.

No special skill

Contrary to popular belief you don’t need to be a skilled gambler to make a profit from sports betting. However, you will need to have access to a legitimate sports betting system as well as the ability to work with the right people. The process is made easy by the fact that all the research and work will be done for your. It is all about choosing the right teams. However, with the help of the sports betting system, this becomes much easier. Many sports betting systems will send you the plays for the day. All you have to do is complete them. Only one thing you need to do is maintain a solid money-management strategy. You can get nice returns on your investments for a long period of time by combining the sports betting system and a solid money management strategy.

Sports betting is a great way to get involved in sports. You will enjoy the game more if you bet money on a match. Many people admit that sporting events can be boring, unless there is something at stake. Many people avoid sports betting because they don’t know what to do. You can enjoy sports more if you have the right information. A sports betting strategy is a great way for you to relax and make some money.


Do You like people? It’s a must to be a top makeup artist in bangalore!

Are you a person who likes to make people feel good? Being a makeup artist has many benefits. It is a way to make people happy, confident, and excited. Your client will feel amazing when they look great. It is a joy to be part of such a transformation. You must be able to relate to people in order to become a great makeup artist. Let’s take a look at three.


You must show your client that you can apply top makeup artist in bangalore. It is intimate and personal to apply makeup. When you apply someone’s makeup, it is often your first encounter. You don’t know them so it is important to establish trust quickly. Confidence in your work will help your client relax and allow you to do your job. They will feel nervous if you’re nervous or unsure about your work. This is not a combination that will produce a positive result.

Your clients will be more relaxed if you approach them calmly, confidently, and reassuringly. Your clients will feel more relaxed and happy when they know they are in good hands.

Friendly Attitude

A makeup artist must be a people person. It’s not a career that you would enjoy if you aren’t comfortable around people. People will notice if you’re kind, friendly, sincere, and honest. They are more likely to hire your services if they find you pleasant to be around. Your clients will be more likely to refer others and ask for your business again if you are friendly and positive. The cheapest and most effective way to grow your company is through word of mouth.

Keep Calm, and Go On

You’ve heard the expression “keep calm, and go on.” This is a great saying for makeup artists. It is often exhausting to complete the job on time. Sometimes you may feel like you are in an impossible situation. You’ll feel overwhelmed, have too many things to do, not enough time, stress, and a chaotic environment. All of these things are possible. Keep your cool. Being calm and composed under pressure will make you a better leader and help you do a great job regardless of what is happening in the world.

You have three key skills to help you build a successful business as a makeup artist.


Building muscle supplements without going to the ER – Please choose wisely

These are the best muscle-building supplements, both the good and the bad.

Anabolic Steroids

SOURCES: There are many hormone drugs that can be ordered by prescription. Bodybuilders also have the option to purchase them on the black market.


Used in conjunction with vigorous strength training, steroids can significantly increase lean muscle mass and create an “Arnold-Schwarzenegger” look.
Jean-Claude Van DAMMMMMM! You’re looking great! !

Breast development clenbuterol for sale acne, as well as serious health issues such heart disease, liver tumors and infertility, can be caused by this substance. The NFL, NCAA, and the International Olympic Committee have banned it. There are always loopholes to the system.

Although there are increasing pressures to change andro’s classification from a “supplement drug” to a a “medicinal medication”, health-food stores are under increasing pressure.


Similar muscle-building effects to anabolic steroids.

International Olympic Committee, NCAA and NFL have banned the use of this method in men’s and ladies’ tennis tours. Although limited research has been done, the results show mixed results. Most studies have shown little or no effect on muscle strength. Similar health risks to steroids.

You can drink coffee, tea, and many other carbonated drinks.


It stimulates the central nervous systems. This can cause your body to burn more calories during endurance training and spare energy for a last “kick”.

It is relatively safe and moderately effective when taken in appropriate doses. However, high doses can cause irregular heart rhythms and tremors. High-dose consumption is prohibited by the NCAA and Olympics.

Asthma medication is only available with a prescription.

Research on livestock shows that these drugs can reduce fat and increase muscle mass.

Although the effectiveness of these drugs in muscle building has not been proven in humans, elite athletes believe they work. Side effects of these drugs have not been established.

Natural substance found in meat, and sold as a supplement in health-food shops.

Increases strength and provides more fuel to muscles.


Fluid retention is what causes creatine to cause weight gain. There are no studies that have examined side effects of long-term Creatine use in teenagers.

As an over-the counter supplement, you can also get a testosterone precursor.


DHEA can increase the supply of testosterone in your body, which is basically what steroids do.

DHEA does not appear to have any muscle-building effects in any study. Supplements are unnecessary for teens who have more natural DHEA that they need.

This stimulant can be found in many over-the-counter products including decongestant cold remedies and the herb ma huang.


Ephedra, which is similar to caffeine, stimulates adrenaline production, increases metabolism and may help burn fat. Ephedra can sometimes be combined with aspirin and caffeine to make a fat-burning combination.


Ephedra has not been proven to be a significant benefit for sports performance. Too much Ephedra can cause irregular heartbeats, convulsions and seizures. Since its introduction, 17 people have died from an overdose of ephedrine.

GHB was originally developed to treat uncontrolled sleep. However, it has earned a bad reputation as both a recreational drug and as a drug that can be used for “date-rape”.

Bodybuilders believe that GHB can be used to build muscle by increasing the levels of human growth hormone.

GHB has caused serious injuries or even death to many athletes. Phoenix Suns forward Tom Gugliotta, who took a GHB-styled supplement, fell on his team bus and nearly died in an emergency room at a Portland hospital.

You can get prescription drugs to treat certain developmental issues; the black market also offers human growth hormone (hGH).

High doses of hGH can be used to build muscle and strength. In 1996, the Atlanta Olympics saw hGH be used most by strength and sprinters.


True hGH can have a number of side effects, including the premature fusion growth plates in teens, which can cause permanent stunting of growth.

HMB is a protein-derived compound that can be used to increase the size of cattle. It’s also available as a supplement.

HMB is said to build muscle and prevent protein from being broken down. It may also reduce body fat.


Numerous studies have not shown any significant side effects from this supplement.

A form of amino acid that is sold as a supplement.


This product is claimed to help you lose weight and increase strength. Others claim it may reduce lactic acid. Lactic acid is a side effect of exercising that can limit the intensity of your muscles’ work.


Your body can produce all the L-carnitine you need. Supplements can often be contaminated with another type of carnitine which lowers the beneficial L-carnitine levels in your body.

Powdered protein supplements are available.

Whey protein supplements are quick and easy sources of high quality protein that can be used to rebuild muscles damaged by strength training.

It’s expensive. It’s expensive. You can get all you need from a regular diet of chicken, fish and eggs. There is no benefit to taking protein supplements unless you are replacing high-fat sources like cheeseburgers.


Are your healthy foods making you sick?

Healthy eating is essential.

How can this be?

Do you eat healthy, but not feel really healthy?

They are passionate about healthy eating and health, but they are still not healthy.

They will never get healthy, no matter what.

Are they born with “bad genes”? Do they have “bad genes?” Are they predestined to be sick? Is there another explanation?

Are you or someone you know imagining yourself in this situation?

Let’s take a look at what it means for you to be healthy.

You are more likely to be healthy when you’re in good health.

– feel good

Have a lot of energy

Have a zest for living

Positive thinking is key

Vitality for body, mind, and spirit

Your health is at its best when you are healthy.

Balanced body chemistry

– Cells are fed down to the cellular level

– The body absorbs all nutrients it requires

– Body is running like a tuned machine

How is it possible that people who work hard to be healthy are unable to attain excellent health?

It is not enough to have a healthy lifestyle, exercise regularly and a positive outlook. You are unique. You are the only one on this planet. You are unique. To realize your full health potential, you must meet your individual needs.

Some people are strong and fit, regardless of how they live their lives. They are among those fortunate enough to be born with strong genes and don’t have to work hard to stay healthy.

There’s hope for you if you aren’t one of these people. It takes a little bit of detective work to find out.

First, healthy foods can be classified according to their nutritional content and potential health-enhancing benefits. However, not all healthy foods are healthy.

Some people are allergic to dairy, eggs and peanuts. You might be one of these people or know someone with food allergies. Some people may have life-threatening reactions to certain foods. Others thrive on them.

Most food allergies are immediate or occur within two hours.

Hidden food allergies are another type of allergy that can cause a reaction within a few hours to three days. It can lead to migraines, stomach upset, fatigue, skin conditions, and other ailments that you wouldn’t normally associate with food. These are known as food sensitivities and food intolerance.

Your body reacts to inflammatory foods. If you continue to eat foods that are not tolerated, your health will decline.

Let’s say you are allergic to salmon or broccoli. All you’ve read about them is that they are healthy foods that protect you against things like heart disease and cancer. Because they are so good for you, you eat them often.

Instead of feeling better you actually feel worse. Your joints are becoming stiffer. Your skin is breaking out. You are experiencing frequent headaches. You’re frustrated. You are doing so much for your health, but instead of feeling better you feel worse.

Do you think this sounds like you?

Food sensitivities can be very subtle. Many people don’t know they are sensitive to certain foods. It can be difficult to determine what foods are sensitive.

An elimination diet is a way to solve this problem on your own. It can be difficult to identify all sensitive foods. I have found that most people don’t stay with an elimination diet long enough to discover all their sensitivities.

The ALCAT Test is a quicker way to determine your food sensitivities. This blood test tests the immune system that is responsible for food sensitivities. It can be used to identify your immune response. You can determine if you have severe, mild, moderate, or mild food sensitivities or none.

You have the option to test 100-200 different foods. Within two weeks, you will have a report that lists all sensitive foods and the level of sensitivity. It’s as easy as that. Imagine how much time it would take you to test all these foods on an elimination diet.


Are you a highly effective educator who is engaging and highly effective?

Anyone can learn. Every day, we teach each other. We give each other instructions for things like cooking and putting together furniture. Teaching someone is different from educating them. You should be aware of the differences between formal and informal learning. One example of informal learning is following a recipe to learn to cook. Formal learning, on the other hand, is done in a classroom. It usually includes evaluation and assessment. Although it may seem like teaching and educating are one thing, the differences lie in the context or place where the learning takes place.

The same distinction is made between teaching informally (giving instruction) and teaching students in formal classroom settings. Education can be a full-time profession or part-time. There are many reasons why someone might choose to teach. An adjunct professor, a traditional full-time professor, may be responsible for teaching, research, and publishing scholarly work. A community college, traditional college or online school can have an adjunct instructor. A facilitator, instructor or professor is a term that describes someone who teaches students in higher-education. This is crucial because there is no job title that includes the word educator.

These are the questions I’d like to answer: What does it mean to be an educator then? Is it something other than the job title? My experience in higher education has taught me that being an educator isn’t an automatic process. Teaching adult students does not make them an effective and engaging teacher. It is possible to learn to teach rather than to instruct, but it takes a commitment to the profession.

What does it mean to teach?

You can consider teaching as part the traditional primary education system. These classes are teacher-led, and students learn what to do. The teacher is the expert who directs the learning process. Teacher is someone who has high-level training and engages the minds of students. This teacher-led approach to instruction continues in higher education, particularly traditional college classrooms. Because of their experiences in primary education, students have grown accustomed to the teacher being at the forefront of the class and delivering information. Students learn from the instructor and are required to take required exams or do other learning activities.

Teachers in higher education are sometimes called instructors. They are subject matter experts with extensive content knowledge and are often hired as instructors. Most teachers must have a minimum of a certain number of hours in their subject area to be eligible for the job. Professors may be used to describe teachers in traditional college classes. These positions require a terminal degree and additional research requirements. Teaching can be used to refer to someone who guides the learning process by telling, directing, and instructing students. The professor or instructor is the one in control, and students are expected to follow his instructions. Let’s think about this: If teaching is at the core of what it is, how is that different from educating students? Are teachers the same role as educators?

What does it mean to be an educator?

As a way to understand the role of an educator, here are some definitions. The term “education” means to give instruction. “Educator” is the person who gives instruction. Teaching is closely linked to providing explanations. These definitions have been expanded to include an “educator”, who has both academic skills and is skilled in teaching.

Skilled in Instruction: An educator should have a solid understanding of the art and science of classroom instruction. They must also know which instructional strategies work best and what areas need to be improved. Experienced educators create methods that bring course material to life, adding context and encouraging students to learn through class discussions or other learning activities. As every interaction with students offers an opportunity to teach, instruction also includes all communication.

Highly Developed Academic Skills An educator must also possess strong academic skills, and writing skills are at the top. This requires a strong attention to detail from the educator. Teaching online classes requires that you have strong academic skills.

In the list of essential academic skills is the use of appropriate formatting guidelines according to the school’s style. Many schools use APA formatting guidelines to format papers and work with sources. If the writing style is not well-mastered, an educator can’t provide feedback or guide students effectively.

A Strong Knowledge Base: To be an educator, you need to have a solid knowledge base. This knowledge base should include subject matter expertise as it relates to the course(s) they are teaching. It also needs to contain knowledge about adult education principles. Many educators have completed the required hours, but may not have much experience in the subject they are teaching. These educators can still teach the course if they read the textbook and learn how to apply it to current practice.

Schools hire adjuncts who have extensive work experience, not adult learning principles. The majority of the instructors who have strong adult education knowledge have acquired it through professional development. This was my goal when I chose a major to earn my doctoral degree. I wanted to learn how adults learn so I could become an educator.



Fatal System Errors in America’s Education System

Seven Reasons Why the U.S. Education System is Fail!


A Facebook post that contained simple questions for university students about historical facts, events, and people in our government was posted recently. It was amazing to say the very least. Abject failure and inability to identify any of the people, places, or events. I repeat… NONE.


The U.S. formal education system was created to provide basic education to the masses to meet the needs of the industrial revolution. It’s quite simple, right? It’s quite simple, right? Since then, there has been no measurable evolution or redefinition of the educational system. This is frightening because it will lead to the country’s failure step-by, bit-by–bit, until we become a social collection.


Let’s look at the causes and find solutions.


1. Closed for Business


Schools are dependent on community standards and financial constraints based on community support. Schools are closing at alarming rates across the country. A school closing is rarely an option that meets the needs of the community, or the needs of students.


It seems that there is less concern for the children’s education in the community than the economic needs of the school’s location or the available resources. This is what happens when the federal government is not there. They are partly to blame. While the government speaks of the need for quality, affordable education, they insist that school systems follow federal mandates that bind them to political wills. Federal support is not enough.


2. Two-Gallons of milk in one gallon jug


How many children can you squeeze into a classroom while still being able to teach effectively? It depends on whether you want to teach or provide daycare services. It’s a harsh reality, but consider the purpose of schools today. They house your children, feed them, and take care of their needs for approximately 6-7 hours each day. They provide basic discipline and food so they don’t get to go home. Yes, you must administer it. In a chaotic environment where safety is not guaranteed, teachers must discipline children. Education takes the back seat to basic needs that parents cannot or are unwilling to provide. What about education? There is not enough time to teach them, so caring for them is more important than teaching them.


Secondarily, because of the constraints of federally-mandated guidelines, the children are taught in a cookie-cutter style standard of personality-limiting, creative-minimizing and individually-restrictive processes to get them to their adulthood. Basic education that meets basic standards and performs to meet everyone’s basic needs. It is difficult because it is done within crowded classrooms, where teachers must “teach” more students than they can handle. Is that really effective?


3. Do what you’ve always done and you’ll get what’s yours!


If their parents are not well educated, how can we expect our children excel? This cycle of low education will lead to more children with poor education, which will in turn produce more children with poor education. Because of the current economic downturn or lack of opportunities, parents are often too busy to provide for their children’s education at school. Because parents lack the experience and foresight to direct a young person on the right path, it is crucial to involve them. This system is ineffective and leads to a country that will fail its students and threatens the nation’s future. It doesn’t matter if you’re poor and struggling to earn a living, or if your career allows for enough time to care for your children at home. Education suffers in any case.


4. Never Say Die!


Once, I was told I was stupid. I was once told I couldn’t learn anything because I didn’t have the ability to comprehend or understand basic concepts that normal people would know. Can you see? Today, I’m pursuing a doctorate of education. Highly educated, holding multiple degrees. Formally recognized for my teaching skills and performance as an educator. That’s it!


A child must recognize their value and worth as an individual if they are to be challenged. Every child has the potential to be gifted and talented in some way and should be acknowledged immediately and consistently. Yes, there will be failures but that is also part of the learning process. Individualized learning platforms, initiatives, and support are essential to educational success. Talented and gifted programs demand that each child is recognized and advanced for their unique gift, rather than the initiative being open to all students. If given the chance, every child can reveal their gifts. Why should we limit the potential for other children to excel simply because someone doesn’t recognize their talent? Beyond me.


Personal prejudices, as well as the nuances of economic and social availability in each school district, are behind this lack of diversity in education. It is shameful that not all students have the opportunity to be acknowledged for their contributions to society.


5. There is a Step to the Prep


The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics (US Education Department) reports that 80% of high school students graduate. This is a record high. It sounds amazing, doesn’t? It doesn’t, because around 80% of high school seniors can’t pass basic proficiency exams and/or read at a basic level. Their ability to comprehend and read is the foundation of a successful future. Unfortunately, it’s failing badly. We are not able to teach our children without prejudice because we have a political-correct mindset and are unwilling to admit we are failing. What’s the problem? What is the dynamic here? Standards, money, acknowledgement, and social constraint?


What will their future look like if less than 40% of graduates are able to read and do basic math? They are at best poor because they are not prepared for failure and don’t have the education to realize it. They lack the necessary skills to learn and are not ready for every aspect of their lives. This seems like a way to socialism.


6. Teacher to Preacher


There are few teachers who would be willing to give up their future to pursue low-paying academic careers. Get involved as a teacher. Teacher innovation education is becoming more tech-supported as student education. Teachers are no longer proud to be teachers. They now choose more industrial careers that use their basic education. It pays more and is more flexible. In order to provide quality education, teachers who are not qualified must be qualified. Cultural shifts in classrooms require an academic shift in recognition and use of qualified teachers, who must be able to teach at higher levels.


Distance learning allows for personalization and individualism in the process. It also allows teachers with less education to do office-like academics rather than teaching-like activities. Teachers who do not meet the highest standards of education will have students who are poor and will continue to be so. We will have quality educated people if we pay teachers more and expect them to do better. It is absurd that teachers earn nothing and ball players make millions. This one needs to be rethought.


7. Girls will be girls, and boys will be boys!


They will. Today, there is a wide gap in the gender composition of students in schools. Recent examinations of student diversity in education have shown that STEM programs are experiencing a shrinking range of student diversity. The academic landscape is changing from one dominated by male students to one that is more gender-friendly. Today, women are able to do as well or better in math, science technology engineering, and math than their male counterparts. This is a significant shift that was previously overlooked and not recognized.


Global competition demands that everyone is equally qualified to perform and defend the right to opportunity, regardless of their gender, race, creed, or social status. We must develop more diverse communities and make sure we have better-educated future citizens.